Run Automation is an industrial automation company that offers its customers three decades of experience in designing and developing software for managing industrial machines and systems.

Our extensive experience positions us as a strategic partner for various industrial entities that continually renew their trust in us. 

Our mission is to best interpret our customers' needs and assist them in achieving high standards in:



  Quality   Safety


reducing waste, increasing process efficiency, optimizing performance




standardizing processes and quality controls in line



designing and programming advanced safety systems in compliance with European regulations and continuously improving the work environment.


The technical innovations we are able to propose are aimed at making the production processes entrusted to us by our customers increasingly efficient and competitive.

To achieve this goal, we deal with:

  • Designing electrical systems for industrial automation.

    Developing software applications for PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) for managing individual machines and industrial production lines.

    Creating Safety Integrated applications for managing high-level safety systems.

    Developing applications for supervision, monitoring, and control of industrial installations.